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Wing Chun Kung Fu and Gracie Jiu-Jitsu classes both begin with a warm up that focuses on stretching to help prevent injuries. Strengthening and conditioning exercises may also be included in the warm up.

The proper use of techniques and their application is demonstrated in each class. Students are encouraged to discuss what is taught and the situations in which techniques should and shouldn't be used, problems they are having with particular techniques, and self-defence issues more generally.

The instructor will give personal attention to students to enable them to learn and practice techniques of varying levels of difficulty and to prepare for grading when appropriate.

Sparring is introduced to the curriculum as students advance. Wing Chun Kung Fu students are taught various "forms" and encouraged to practise them most classes. There are no forms in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.

Women of all ages are encouraged to try any and all of our classes. A number of women already train at Wing Chun & Jiu-Jitsu Melbourne, and more are most welcome!

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Wing Chun Kung Fu adult classes are 1½ hours.

Gracie Jiu-Jitsu adult classes are 1¼ hours.

The Wing Chun and Jiu-Jitsu combined class at 2pm on a Sunday is 1½ hours.

Children’s Wing Chun Kung Fu classes last 50 minutes.

Children’s Gracie Jiu-Jitsu classes last 50 minutes.

Children’s Martial Art Games classes last 30 minutes.

Wing Chun & Jiu-Jitsu Melbourne is closed on Fridays.

Teenagers who are 14 and over will need to be assessed by an instructor to join the adult classes.


Find us: 13/10 Mirra Court, Bundoora 3083

Wing Chun & Jiu-Jitsu Melbourne is conveniently located in Bundoora, a north eastern suburb of Melbourne.

We have 191 car parking spaces!

We are close to public transport!

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